‘I'm Going to Miss You’ Book

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‘I'm Going to Miss You’ Book
$65.00 USD

'I’m going to miss you’ documents long and nostalgic summer days, shared with beautiful men. The photography book explores brotherhood, sensuality, and the act of playing, for to play is to be vulnerable. Rob Tennent carries through themes presented in his earliest book ‘Come Back to Bed’. Themes of intimacy are suggested in his creative direction and composition, serving as a nod to his earlier works. The sentence ‘I’m going to miss you’ is a quote whispered by lovers photographed in ‘Come Back to Bed’. Now repurposed to symbolise the emotions he feels towards the summer just past.

Limited signed edition
200 Pages
Matte Hardcover
Silk Matt Dust Jacket
7.8x10 inches

Custom cover by Oliver Scarlin
Used with permission, all rights reserved

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‘I'm Going to Miss You’ Book